HELP the score was 10-0, Umi the bunny was losing bad. Cup final of the the Animatronic Hockey DishWashGame. The birchflower snailGod was referee. Top Prospect: J J "Ice" Stickler is hopping into the sink, soul sold to win, no more dishes ever again. Umi doesn't know a thing about hockey, she would win a staring contest and she knows how to unstack plastic cups, but these ones are heavy, not plastic. BACKSPACE to when Rose called: "come quick, bring cilantro and the old dog crate with some blankets." a bunny darting through traffic at the edge of the golf course, known only as "that poor thing" on the neighbourhood facebook group "I hope somebody helps it" someone said, two weeks ago; the comment received 1000 likes but no one did a thing to help "it". Rose, driving home from freshwater ecosystems, sees the bunny, calls mom and dad, brings her home, "what shall we name her?", "Gobby" someone says, perhaps as a joke but it sticks. Gobby, not knowing herself that her name is now Gobby, has nine babies in the night, none of them make it through the week that she, unbeknownst to her, became once again nameless because, according to dad, 'Gobby' "in various forms of English means yappy, mouthy, annoyingly loud, etc," the bunny is going through too much to have an insulting british adjective for a name. He says "Bing AI suggests Luna, Smokey, Shadow, Oreo, Ash, Silver, Dusty, Nora, Zara or Lol, I think it meant Lola." No response, no one else in the family groupchat likes the AI generated names. Rose pauses Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, this weeks assigned watch for her Bollywood film course, searches for popular Indian names for bunnies and finds Umi "This means beauty," according to
birchflower snailGod's whistle sings a split tune, a cholera chorale, resonating in every dish clinking beneath, the sink is full